SkyScale Named Top 25 Machine Learning Company for 2018


SkyScale announced today that it has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Machine Learning Companies for 2018 by CIO Applications. Featuring cloud-based, bare-metal dedicated multi-GPU servers and clusters with NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 and P100 processors, SkyScale provides the fastest AI and machine learning performance available as a service. (Read Full Article)

Quoting from the article:

“As CIO Applications analyzed cloud offerings making a difference in this regard, SkyScale emerged. SkyScale is San Diego based and provides a level of supercomputing to corporate AI efforts we’ve not seen elsewhere. SkyScale offers cloud-based, world-class multi-GPU hardware uniquely configured and tuned for HPC and AI workloads, leap-frogging key corporate implementation challenges and jump-starting the process.

Meanwhile, the cloud technology giants have focused primarily on CPU processing, only recently adding virtualized GPU capability. Regardless of the marketing spin, virtualization means shared equipment resulting in slower performance and multi-tenant security concerns.”

The article continues:

“To test the relative performance of dedicated versus virtualized systems, CIO Applications secured data from benchmark tests executed by a 3rd party on 8-GPU instances of NVIDIA’s latest generation Volta GPUs on SkyScale and on the industry’s largest cloud provider. In the comparative test, a standardized ResNet50 deep neural network model for image classification was run on a Caffe2 deep learning framework. The dedicated SkyScale instance performed 30 percent faster at classifying images than the virtualized system hosted by the industry giant. A cost analysis then resulted in a combined 70 percent performance/cost benefit.”

The article quotes SkyScale President, Tim Miller:

“Our on-demand dedicated offerings for project-based workflows enable remote access to supercomputing hardware when needed,” explains Miller. “With these systems, users get root level control and don’t face the multi-tenant downsides related to virtualization. The resulting upside to our customers includes enhanced performance, flexibility, and multiple levels of cost savings based on usage and capital and facilities expense.”

The article concludes:

“During our investigation into cloud-based AI and ML technologies, SkyScale emerged as the leader in GPU supercomputing with uncompromising security and competitive pricing.”

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About SkyScale
SkyScale is a world-class provider of cloud-based, dedicated, ultra-fast multi-GPU platforms for HPC and the fastest deep learning performance available as a service. Customers get bare metal systems with root level access and an unmatched level of performance and control, plus technical assistance and customer support hotlines. Related services include solution consulting, simulation, and tuning. SkyScale also hosts cutting-edge private and hybrid clouds in their industry-leading data centers, featuring enterprise level reliability and physical and cyber security.
SkyScale is ITAR and HIPAA compliant, and is an NVIDIA Authorized Cloud Service Provider.

For more information on SkyScale’s accelerated cloud solutions, visit or call (844) 777-4777.

SkyScale is a cloud partnership with One Stop Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSS).

Going to NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose? Visit with SkyScale at Booth 404, March 26-29, 2018.

SkyScale Media Contact:
Katie Rivera
(844) 777-4777

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