Cloud Rendering “Timeland” at Indio’s famous Coachella Valley Music Festival

Creating the most unique audio visual experience for Coachella’s audience, SkyScale was involved in the rendering of Edwin Abbott, Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions in the Antarctic Dome this past April. With the projection scale of the Antarctic Dome theater in mind, SkyScale was able to serve as a dedicated external render provider of the 5K square spherical production Timeland (a scene within Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions) with technical lead Joshua de Salis Sophrin from SkyScale and Redshift. Using SkyScale’s cloud based services, Redshift was able to cut down the time of rendering from 25 minutes a frame down to only 5 minutes on the most complex part of the animation right from their Microsoft Remote Desktop;  a 5x decrease in render time.

SkyScale offers technical knowledge and a dedicated cutting edge, high speed “bare metal” solution for the Media and Entertainment industries with the latest high performance NVIDIA® Volta® (V100) GPUs. See how we can decrease your render processing time and get started with a Free Trial HERE.

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