SkyScale’s high performance computing appliances can add tremendous compute power for many oil and gas applications providing up to 16 Tesla P100GPU engines per platform for the World’s Fastest Cloud compute capability.

The majority of today’s oil comes from older reservoirs that have already had the easy-to-reach oil extracted. Oil and gas companies are having to go deeper and use more advanced techniques. As sensor technology advances, the amount of seismic data that needs to be processed and interpreted increases. Oil and gas companies are using cutting edge technology, like high performance computing (HPC) servers, compute accelerators and flash storage arrays for applications such as seismic processing, seismic interpretation and reservoir modeling.

Oil and gas companies use complex algorithms to process, analyze and visualize huge seismic data sets. In the past, these data sets took lengthy amounts of time to process, slowing down the entire oil and gas operation.

Today, seismic processing and interpretation can be sped up by using GPUs because GPUs perform well for the parallel computations used in these applications. Huge speed increases have been achieved by using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Many oil and gas companies have already been using GPUs for parallel processing of the large seismic data sets. The algorithms used were designed with GPUs in mind, so they can take advantage of the additional compute power that comes from adding even more GPUs. SkyScale’s Cloud compute platforms provide up to 16 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, adding 170 Tflops of compute power to servers used for seismic processing and interpretation.

Here are some seismic processing and interpretation applications that can be sped up by using multiple GPUs:

  • Acceleware

  • AxRTM

  • AxKTM

  • CGGV GeoVation

  • ffA Geoteric

  • ffA SVI Pro

  • ffA SEA3d Pro

  • GeoStar Seismic Suite

  • Headwave Suite

  • HUE HUEspace

  • OpenGeo Solutions

  • OpenSeis

  • Panorama Tech

  • Paradigm Echos RTM

  • Paradigm Geophysical VoxelGeo

  • Seismic City Prestack Interpretation

  • SpectraSeis

  • Terraspark Insight Earth

  • Tsunami RTM

  • WesterGeco Omega2 RTM

Reservoir modeling consists of constructing a computer model of a petroleum reservoir in order to improve the estimation of the petroleum in the reservoir and also to aid in the development of the oil and gas field. A reservoir model represents the reservoir’s physical space by an array of distinct compartments, demarcated by either a regular or irregular grid. The model is usually three-dimensional, but sometimes one-dimensional and two-dimensional models are used. Each compartment has many different values that represent aspects of the reservoir such as how porous it is, how permeable, and what the water saturation is. These models are very detailed and contain large amounts of data. For the amount of data that is needed to be processed in this field, GPUs can process this data much quicker than the typical CPUs already included in the server.

Here are some reservoir modeling applications that can be sped up by using GPUs

  • Paradigm SKUA

  • Roxar RMS

  • Stoneridge technologies GAMPACK



  • Servers with P100 replace up to 50 CPU servers for applications such as RTM and SPECFEM 3D

  • Top Oil and Gas applications are GPU-accelerated

  • Up to 10.6 TFLOPS of single precision floating point performance per P100

  • Up to 16 GB of memory capacity with up to 732 GB/s memory bandwidth

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