SkyScale’s high performance computing appliances adds tremendous compute power for many machine learning applications with the Worlds Fastest Compute Engines based on NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerators

Deep Learning is solving important scientific, enterprise, and consumer problems that seemed beyond our reach just a few years back. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning that attempts to train computers to identify patterns and objects, in the same way humans do. This technology is already used in speech recognition, photo searches on Google+ and video recommendations on YouTube.

Training the neural networks used in deep learning is an ideal task for GPUs because GPUs can perform many calculations at once (parallel calculations), meaning the training will take way less time than before. More GPUs means more computational power so if a system has multiple GPUs, it can compute data much faster than a system with only CPUs, or a system with a CPU and a single GPU. Every major deep learning framework is optimized for NVIDIA GPUs, enabling data scientists and researchers to leverage artificial intelligence for their work. SkyScale’s platforms are well suited for applications such as deep learning and image recognition with each node containing up to 16 Tesla P100 GPU accelerators.


  • Caffe, TensorFlow, and CNTK are up to 3x faster with Tesla P100 compared to K80

  • 100% of the top deep learning frameworks are GPU-accelerated

  • Up to 21.2 TFLOPS of native half precision floating point

  • Up to 16 GB of memory capacity with up to 732 GB/s memory bandwidth

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Dedicated Hardware

You control your compute power with exclusive access to the entire platform. All the GPUs drive your applications. No virtualization, no sharing.


Housed in world class secure data centers with the highest security certification levels. Your equipment is always available and your data is always protected and secure. Download our Security and Reliability Document. 

Access to Experts

When you lease from SkyScale you also have access to the experts who understand your needs and can get you going quickly so you can focus on the work that truly drives the value of your business.

Save Time

Time to answer, time to do more, time to dive deeper, handle more data and predict more. Running your application on the fastest platforms minimizes your time to value.  Your engineers and scientists will be happier and more productive.

Save Investment

Only lease what you need when you need it. Save the capital investment and don’t worry about having idle time when you are between projects.  Save the cost of maintaining and staffing your own data center.

Highest Performance

With exclusive access to as many as 16 NVIDIA P100s in a single node you are running your applications on the world’s absolute highest performing multi-GPU platform in the world. Couple that with state-of-the-art high speed low latency NVMe storage and your project time just got a lot shorter.