SkyScale Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Call us at 888-236-5454 M-F from 8 AM – 5 PM. We can discuss your needs and get you started on your own nodes quickly. Our experts are available to help you select the appropriate configurations to best meet your requirements and then determine the schedule that best works for you. You will receive a detailed quote and upon credit card authorization, your schedule will be locked in. You will then receive a “welcome email” that contains the systems IP addresses, login username, encrypted password protected SSH private key and related information, system start and end times, and your Account Manager and Customer Support contact information. At that point, the system is yours and you are ready to go and we will be standing by to assist with questions or any issues you may encounter. It’s simple and the pricing is known up front. No surprises. You get to work on what matters most to you, leaving the datacenter management and system set-up to us.

How fast can I get started?

How fast do you need?  We will work with you to meet your schedule.

How can you claim to be the fastest compute cloud service provider?

All our compute nodes utilize the latest, state-of-the art NVIDIA Tesla V100 or P100 GPU accelerators supporting up to 16 of them working in parallel directly connected to a single root complex. These nodes are completely dedicated to your application. No sharing. No virtualization. Some vendors offer up to 8 GPUs in a node but only SkyScale offers 16 of the fastest GPUs available. In addition maximum peer to peer bandwidth between all GPUs is guaranteed by avoiding the need for inter-GPU traffic to flow over the QPI bus between CPUs. The nodes can then scale out through optional Infiniband clustering to meet any performance requirement.

What are my bandwidth and data-transfer limits?

SkyScale systems have at least a 1Gbps connection to each system. However our Account Managers can work with you to determine the optimum data transfer strategy for your needs.  We can pre-load your data if that makes sense for your application.

Who do I call if I need support with my service?

Support requests are handled via email at during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm Pacific Time. You may also call SkyScale at (888-236-5454 and select option support). One of our support representatives will assist you in resolving your issues.

Am I credited for any service downtime or issues that are not my problem?

Some issues may be directly caused due to an error on our side. When this is the case, we will credit the customer the appropriate time as stated in our terms and conditions. In most cases, we do everything we can to accommodate the customer and assure that they receive the time they pay for on our systems. Due to the high demand of our systems, we cannot guarantee the time credited to the customer will be immediate and may be granted at a different time.

How do you insure security and privacy of my data?

You receive exclusive access to the server you have rented.  With SSH Root Access you have complete control over the resources of the leased server and can enforce the security policies required for your usage. No other customer has access to any of your hardware resources including any data storage.

How do I increase my scheduled time?

Simply call or email your SkyScale Account Manager as soon as you know your new requirements. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to continue using the services after your allotted time we always make every effort to accommodate our customers.

Can I buy my equipment?

Sure.  In fact we will credit some of your lease payment to the purchase price.  If you would like to purchase brand new equipment in the same configuration as your lease 25% of the first 2 months lease payment will be credited to your purchase.  If you would like to purchase the actual equipment you are leasing 50% of the first two months will be credited to the purchase price.  Again just let your Account Manager know and they will get it done.

Do you offer other GPUs than the P100?

NVIDIA Tesla P100s are our standard offering. However, if you have a different requirement call us and we will work out the best solution for your needs.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel or reschedule your reservation anytime up to two weeks in advance. If cancelling within two weeks of your scheduled lease start, a 20% charge will be assessed.  No cancellations are accepted within 48 hours of scheduled start.

What other services are available?

As a SkyScale user you have access to our domain experts to help you with planning and executing your work.  If you have special configuration or application needs we can customize a solution for you.  Image archiving and long term data storage options are also available.

What if I have some special configuration needs?

We will attempt to accommodate special configuration requirements in terms of storage, memory, clustering, data bandwidth, etc..  Work with your Account Manager to develop the platform that best meets your needs

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