NVIDIA Catalog of GPU-Accellerated Applications

NVIDIA has made it easy to find the latest GPU accellerated applications for your industry. Download the latest catalog to find the options supporting your specific application that can be accelerated on SkyScale's world-class platform.

Tesla V100 (VOLTA) GPU Accelerator Datasheet

Download the datasheet to find the most advanced data center GPU ever. The NVIDIA Tesla V100 is the world’s most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics. The V100 offers the performance of up to 100 CPUs in a single GPU.


The Tesla V100 is the fastest of the GPUs on SkyScale’s supercomputing platform, delivering breakthrough performance resulting in faster insights and dramatically lower costs. This performance Guide provides the detailed performance enhancement of the Tesla V100 in various applications.

Tesla P100 (PASCAL) GPU Accelerator Datasheet

Which GPU is best for you? Download the datasheet to the NVIDIA Pascal P100, used in AI applications like self-driving cars and predicting climate.


The Tesla P100 performance Guide provides detailed performance enhancments of the Pascal P100 in deep learning and HPC applications.

GPU-Ready Application Quick Start Guides

NVIDIA GPU-Ready App quick start guides help you get up and running fast on GPUs with a simple set of instructions for a wide range of accelerated applications. Includes configurations for the best possible GPU performance.
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GPU-Accelerated Containers for Deep Learning & HPC on SkyScale

SkyScale provides access to a comprehensive catalog of GPU-accelerated containers through the NVIDIA GPU Cloud. The containers are comprised of deep learning software, managed applications, visualization tools, and more. Specifically optimized for the Tesla V100 and P100 GPU processors, they facilitate getting up and running quickly, reducing the complexity typically associated with setting up software.
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Bare-Metal Cloud Computing Whitepaper

This white paper introduces different types of cloud computing, presents benefits and disadvantages and shows how "bare metal cloud" mitigates the disadvantages, and describes SkyScale's Accelerated Cloud Solutions.
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Applying Massive Parallel Computing to Genomics Secondary Analysis

This white paper presents results from a new method developed by Parabricks run on a SkyScale Accelerated Cloud system with up to 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs that greatly reduces that time (compared to CPU-based servers) to execute GATK4 Best Practices pipelines.
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About SkyScale

SkyScale is the leading provider of cloud-based dedicated bare-metal multi-GPU platforms for the fastest HPC and deep learning performance available as a service anywhere in the world. SkyScale also hosts cutting-edge private and hybrid clouds in their innovative data centers, featuring unmatched reliability, physical and cyber security. SkyScale is an NVIDIA Authorized Cloud Service Provider, and is HIPAA and ITAR compliant.

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